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Resto log analysis

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Hey guys.. Recently just got back to playing wow again and started healing highmaul.. We tried doing heroic but our dps wasn't enough to down butcher so we just went through normal and got upto to last boss but couldn't kill him...

Just wondering if you guys could help me how I can make my healing better.. All the forums and guides I went to said that germination is a better talent than rampant growth.. I tried it and I just couldn't help myself from running out of mana.. It seemed like I was spamming too much rejuvenation and sometimes it's hard to tell whether one rejuvenation is enough or should I double rejuvenate.. And that's what ooms me..

So I picked up rampant growth and loved it.. I could manage and prioritize my heals more meaning I don't oom faster..

So I'm stuck here using rampant growth.. But I wana use germination to its potential as most forums and guides say.. Here are the logs from. Our tries on 5th and 6th boss from highmaul


Just wondering if rampant growth is a thing.. It seems like I'm doing OK with it.. Should I stay rampant growth.. Or germination is still better? And also, If u guys find any other stuff that can help me improve my healing would be great. I know i need to improve my uptime on my harmony buff.. And I'm already working on it.. Thanks for your guys help! And for your time reading this.. =)

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I'm sorry, I can not analyze your logs. I stopped using World of Logs a long time ago because Warcraft logs is just much more fluid, easy to navigate, and more powerful. I simply cannot give you a fair analysis using this website.


Feel free to continue to upload to WoL in the future (I'm actually uploading to WoL / WCL / AMR for my guild), but for me to actually help you with mechanics of healing, you need to show me Warcraft log parses.


Here is an example of what I can show you: 




Around a 50% overheal on both rejuv and Germination. Reducing this kind of overhealing will probably help you save some more mana and increase your output.
Lifebloom/Harmony - 62% uptime on lifebloom - 89% uptime on harmony. You need to keep this up at all times. This will help with your mana by giving you those free regrowths and harmony will help your throughput. Since HoTs are dynamic now, once you lose this buff so does all your hots. Try to use the free rregrowths or a healing touch to refresh your lifebloom on the tank.
in this graph the top graph is your Harmony uptime (in yellow) and the bottom graph is your casts of Lifeblom with the uptime of lifebloom against it (in green)
Tree of Life - You casted rejuv about 8 times during ToL. Rejuvs mana cost is 50% less during this and heals for much more, take this time to try to blanket tanks with 2 hots each and anyone else that has some sort of health deficit.  Wild growth also hits 2 more targets, so its a decent place to try to time it (but again don't overuse it due to mana)
In this graph: the top graph is when you had ToL active, and the bottom is your casts of rejuv and WG.
You could have used Natures Vigil like 2 or 3 more times than you did.  It also did a very low amount of healing, so you should try to time it better with the damage going ont, or try using Dream of Cenarius.
Basic rule I like to use for T90: If i can make one out heal the other while still keeping up with healing in the raid, then I should use that one.
Wild Mushroom: Your wild mushroom healing is terrible.  You need to keep up with that and try to keep it under tanks or range. There were times you placed it down and it did no damage, and others where you just straight didn't put it down at all.
In this graph: the red lines are when you put the mushroom down and the green is the amount of healing it  was doing. When you see it going down after a red line, that means it probably wasnt doing any extra healing.



Here is the thread where you can 'do it yourself', but feel free to come back and ask I'll gladly look through it: https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/8137-resto-60-how-to-itemize-and-analyze-your-resto-druid/


Here is our guide to uploading to Warcraft Logs: https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/4681-how-to-upload-your-own-logs/

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Gave your logs a quick glance. You have a 11min wipe on Imperator, which is on the long side of kills. You should try distributing healing a bit better. Have the rest of the healers do more while you do a bit less. All damage on Imperator is predictable, so you shouldn't overheal a lot. Your mushroom did way less than it should, I presume it had low uptime. Also your tranq did far less than it should. Use it more often as a mana saver instead of as a backup cd. For example you can use it on first add in p2 and have all healers not heal during this part. if you're not stacking for most of the fight, you should do that. It reduces overall mana cost as the ground healing is probably the most efficient one for most classes. Your Lifebloom uptime is only 37%, and having lifebloom up is a big mana saver.


A big thing to note is that undergearing fights like Imperator is really difficult on the mana. Each fail(blowing up mines) will push you really hard, and in some cases it might even wipe you down the road. Also, RG has the potential higher healing output, but it's heavier on the mana. Also you can think of it that way. As long as nobody died to unavoidable damage, you've chosen the right talents smile.png


Also upload ur logs to warcraftlogs wink.png

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