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cancelling SS/AiS

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I'm trying to maximise my dps and I run into this a lot:

I know that my goal is to get my cd abilities off as often as I can. There's always the situation where they are about to come off cd and I have a choice between casting a filler or waiting for the ability to come off cd.


What do you do? Do you have a cancelaura macro on your cast time abilities? do you stop and wait? do you try to avoid casting AiS due to the cast time?

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I got /stopcasting in my killshot, but normally I don't cancel casts as a means to get more DPS. 

As a rule of a thumb, if the next important shot comes off in less than half a second, than just wait. If more than a second, then cast a filler. 

Glaive Toss is a good filler for times when you have exactly one spare second, which is too long too wait, yet a bit too long to cast SS / AiS. 

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