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Dw frost Rotations

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Hello residents of Icy Veins.


With the recent hot-fix buff to frost, I have decided to take a look at playing DW frost for my raid, instead of the unholy spec. I was wondering what the different between the master simple and master complex rotations for DW frost are and if there is any major DPS difference between the two.



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the difference is all in how you use unholy runes. with master complex you use defile on cooldown, plague strike only when you need to refresh blood plague, and obliterate the rest of the time.


with master simple you focus on spamming howling blast, and defile or plague strike anytime you have an extra unholy rune.


master complex does more damage because every time you obliterate instead of plague strike you're gaining about 3-4k damage, which translates into a 500-1k dps increase overall. but you have to juggle defile, plague striking for diseases, and obliterating.


Master Simple makes it much easier to maximize your blood plague uptime, and also makes it much simpler to use plague leech.

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