Destro warlock looking for DPS feedback. Have logs.

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I'm looking for feedback on my DPS. Here are logs for The Butcher on normal, which seems like a good sample since it's just straight up single target DPS:


And here is a kill on Kargath Bladefist normal:


Here's my armory:


My gear isn't gemmed or enchanted because it's all heroic dungeon gear (except one LFR piece I got today) and I don't expect it to last long.


Any and all feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance.


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Enchants and gems are already mentioned by you. Except for that, you can use pots and flask to further buff your potential.

Except for that, there is nothing much to tell about those logs, try to get your immolate uptime up. 88% is not very good for a ST fight with very low movement(if you don´t have to play any important rule for catching debuffs, set up a portal and use it every time available for the knockback to be faster on position)
Another thing would be why you delayed DS although you have a pretty strong(atleast for this ilvl) mastery proc trinket, therefore desyncing DS and the mastery proc. Should not matter that much, but was a thing that caught my eyes.

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