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Need help to deside DK or Pala

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Hello, Community! Sorry for my english!

I have been playing WoW for 1-2 months and faced the following problem.

Basing on the amount of time I spent (and still spending) on BG and in dungeons with my lvl 58 Retri Pala I finally fall into conclusion I ain't like his perfomance at all.


What i really hate:


1) The class is "slow" because of big skill recharge time (undynamic)

2) Damage I deal in PVP

3) The power of Healing



I created unholy DK on lvl 58 to check the advantages of the class .He deals much more damage in PVP in comparison with Pala but has no well-balanced healing skills (found only one strike to heal).


So my question - who should I play (Retri Pala or unholy DK) to have a confortable gameplay on BG, Arena and Raids? I don't like the classes with tons of skills to use at a time, so please base your answer on that. Plus i really appreciate if u can point out who has the best damagedealing and survival ability.


Thank you!


P.S. I tested Feral Druid, its a great class but its difficult for me. You must concentrate on your buffs, your combopoints and health and use many skills...

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It may be worth finding out the class you want to play, rather than taking advice from others, as 90% of the time their opinion will likely be biased. It may be worth finding a class you like the feel of and spending some time playing it, and learning the core of the game. At level 60, I would not judge your performance too critically. It is likely yourself who may need to improve aswell as the possible faults with the class. As for complexity, both Paladin and DK use a form of combo point as resources for damage and healing.


No matter what class you play there is going to be a skill cap that you need to work your way towards, if thats how you judge your gameplay on performance.

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I play a DK, so I'm biased towards DK's. but the only Paladin spec I have ever liked is Prot. Ret is my least favorite dps spec in the game, and Holy Paladin is my least favorite healer to play in the game.

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It's kinda hard to compare a level 58 paladin to a 58 DK - the DK has better gear after leaving the starting area.

It really depends on your style of play, like Ichigaki said everyone has their own opinion.


If you're only gonna PvP as dps, the DK has three viable specs, more or less. Blood/frost/unholy are all playable in PvP. With a paladin you get the option to heal as holy.


From what you're saying with the cooldown of skills, I'd say unholy would be the way to go for you.

But when honestly, my 2 cents would be to level them some more, and go with the class you prefer.

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