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Hi Everyone,


I just want to thank everyone that's helped me already as I made the transition from being a melee/ranged dps class my since Vanilla to resto druid on these forums. Shout out to Krazyito always helping me :). 


Anyways, these are the logs from my 2nd progression raiding as a resto druid and wanted to see if anyone saw any areas I could improve my healing.


Resto Druid: Kobe


Normal Fights and then Heroic Kargoth, Butcher & Backenspore (Attempt)



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Looking at your butcher hc kill, you seem to be doing good. Really nice uptime on harmony, Lifebloom could use a bit of work and you should wild growth a lot more and rejuv a bit less. Also you seem to have forgotten to use your trinket and you forgot mushroom right at the end.

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