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So Affliction and...?

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Hi Everyone,

I know it is too early to tell for sure what is our strongest spec is and will be in the coming weeks but Affliction seems a strong contender to me. 

I haven't played Affliction much in a raid setting so assuming that I made it my main spec I have some queries. Hopefully someone more experienced can help me please before I make any major decisions. 

1. So in terms of covering all/most of the fight bases then what would be the best choice for off spec? I believe that Affliction has weaker AoE but not sure where else it falls behind. Perhaps mobility as so long is spent casting Drain Soul? As far as I am aware Destro has good burst cleaving and sustained AoE yet Demo has good burst AoE and good mobility. 

2. I probably will not be able to get much of a second set of raid gear so with that in mind which other spec would work best with Affliction gear? It seems that all 3 specs like mastery. Destro does not like haste and Demo only likes a little of it. Destro likes crit but Affliction not. So overall it seems like Demo would be the best match but please correct me if I am wrong.

3. With both the above questions in mind which spec would you suggest that would yield the best results?

Thank you for any help in advance


P.S. Apologies if this should be in the Affliction thread; I didn't want to derail it totally with my rather long winded way of expressing myself.

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I'm running Affliction/Demonology. I'm aiming for Mastery above all, followed by Haste, then Multistrike. Unfortunately my Haste is a lot lower than I'd like it, but I make do.


I played Affliction on all Heroic encounters this evening, and then on Kargath Mythic (lol what a joke of a boss) and our ~9 wipes on Twin Ogron.


Twin Ogron is a fucking bitch for movement but SB:H and keeping up DoTs carries you. Very low Drain Soul uptime but damage is very, very nice on that fight. Kargath I did average on, but I got killed near the end by a suiciding paladin kiting the Berserker Rush into a bunch of us ^^

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I'm going Destro/Aff right now based on the fights in Highmaul.


Aff for Kargath, Butcher, Tectus, and Twins


Destro for Bracken, Kor'gath, and Imperator


Worst part is the difference in stat weights... but luckily there's only like one piece of gear in highmaul and since ilvl trumps stat weights guess I don't have much choice at the moment...

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Thanks for the replies and good luck to everyone progressing through the raids. So at the moment it seems like 1-1 for Destro Vs Demo.  


To research a bit further I was having a very quick look at heroic logs and it seems for Brackenspore the overall dps results are rather similar for Destro and Affliction even though I think the former would be much better for quick add killing/sniping. Last time on this fight I was on the flamethrowers anyway so I wasn't solely focused on dps. 


For Imperator Destro seems just over 2k ahead so far though there are very few parses yet to make an informed judgement and personally I am only on boss 6 still. 


For Ko'ragh the results seem very similar again. I was on orbs and probably will be again so I think Affliction may be better here for me anyhow.


Tectus Demo seems the winner with a difference of about 2k.


Liquidsteel if I may ask what, if any, fight would you use Demo on or suggest it would be better than Affliction? I haven't even looked at mythic level fights so perhaps the changes lend more to one spec.


Not having researched the bosses pre-expac I actually came into WoD thinking I was playing Demo as main and Destro as off but that really hasn't worked out. My gear is mostly mastery with haste so that's one bonus in making the switch. For some reason crit and multistrike didn't seem to like me.


Thanks again all

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