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Protection: Trinkets & dps

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Hey all,

I got some questions about the trinkets i should use for my Prot Warrior.

inv_inscription_trinket_tank.jpgKnight's Badge

inv_misc_trinket6oog_stonefist2.jpgPillar of the Earth

inv_misc_trinket6oog_stonefist3.jpgTectus' Beating Heart

inv_misc_trinket6oog_handeye2.jpgGrandiose Resistance

These are the trinkets I have atm. I'm not quite sure, which i should use for either raiding, or cm (is there any bis item list for cm out yet?). Atm I'm using Pillar of the Earth and Knight's Badge, but I wonder if Tectus' Beating Heart is more viable or if I should stick to the bonusarmor.

Another thing is, I feel like I'm way behind in dps in comparison to other tanks (especially after Revenge/shield Slam nerf) like DK or Monk. I'm not sure if it's me being bad, or DK/Monk just being very strong. Depending on the encounter, I'm doing like around 12-15k dps (ilvl 649) in HM. Just had a 642 Monk tank at nhc endboss being first in dmg with 24k dps oO


Other topic: Is Proving Grounds Protection hard for Warrior? I hit 36 Waves around my 30. Try, a monk friend of mine did 46 waves first try. Just wondering =D


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I'd recommend the Grandiose Resistance over the Pillar of the Earth. Crit's better than vers and the GR has more bonus armor. Stamina isn't particularly useful. You'll have enough through baseline gear.


If you want more advice on your DPS, I'll need to see your logs.


Generally any content without healers is harder for warriors than for other classes. We simply lack the self-heals to help ourselves out.

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I'll take a look at your logs some time within the next few days. I'm a tiny bit swamped with finals. As for the trinkets, I'd use the Knight's Badge still. We get so much more from bonus armor.

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