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Siege 4pc nerf

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I didn't see any other threads about this so here goes.

Currently level 99 on my fire mage. The latest buffs have made questing a bit smoother. However, that was with the t16 4pc equipped. Now that they have nerfed that I'm not sure what to do.

I have replacement armor for all 4 pieces, and it increases my intellect about 100 points, and gives me a handful of multi strike and a bit of haste. However, it drops my crit about 5% (from 34% to 29%). I understand having more intellect will naturally make me hit harder and should make up for some of the crit loss, but when does it break even?

I'm planning to just swap it out and see how it feels, but I thought there might be someone out there with a bit more number savvy to help me get a gear goal in mind.

Thanks in advance!

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i would say....get over it and go frost.....and you shouldnt spent more than 3 hrs at lvl 99 nyway....its so ezzz to lvl

Fire is what I do, setting virtual mobs on fire and blowing them up is relaxing to me. They could nerf fire to the ground and I'd probably still play it. Thanks though :-P

I put on all my gear, brought me up to 602 ilvl. AMR deducted .1% from my gear score lol. I quested awhile in the new gear and it didn't feel bad, maybe slightly less pyros, but things were still dying.

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