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My first raid of expac, looking for tips (Logs + armory link inc)

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Did my first raid of Highmaul tonight. Decided to do Affliction on first few bosses, switched to Destro for Tectus and Brackenspore.


Feel like I did well on Kargath + Butcher.


Could have done much better on Tectus. Better Immo uptime, better Shadowburn Cleave usage, better Dark Soul usage, better Cataclysm usage.


Could have more effectively cleaved on Brackenspore I think. Also could have used Dark Soul and KJC better.


Died early on Twin Ogrons due to not knowing the fight.






Looking for any constructive criticism you guys can give. Hope I didn't do too awfully!

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I honestly think you self-critqued yourself just fine.  You pointed out pretty much all the problems you could have.  All you need, much like the rest of us, is more practice and repetition and gear.  Fights will get easier every week if you push to get better each week.  Your DPS is pretty good for 637-641 item level.


I do have one suggestion - don't die on Twins.  Dying is a pretty big DPS loss.

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