Poor man's pack opening GvG 48 packs

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48 packs was all I could afford at this time, as long as the wife doesn't find out.  I know guys out there are doing 300 and 500 and 1000, well I can't.  I did 48.


All joking around aside, I took a more thought conscious approach to my pack openings.  I was looking for some very specific cards:




Muster for Battle


Bolvar Fordragon




Anything else would just be gravy.  Check out how I did in my video: 

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As a Hunter lover, I was hoping to see you get the new Hunter Legendary! XD

I would have loved to get that one as well.


Gahz'rilla would synergyze well kill command(turn 9 w/coin or 10), Steamwheedle Sniper(if already out or trun 10 coin) but most of all an arcane shot to finish off your opponent.

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