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Looking to make myself better, any and all criticism welcome( logs inside)

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Hey guys, I feel like i can do better DPS with my lock and I'm looking for any and all help I can get. Here is my log from last night.




and my armory if needed: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/Mal%27Ganis/Garalt/advanced


I know I need to improve on Tectus, I should probably just switch to Demo for that fight, but my low mastery is kinda holding me back I know my immolate up-time could be better. any other suggestions are more than welcome 

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Here are a couple of pins someone from here showed me that have helped me a ton.




The big thing that jumps out at me is that you didnt get any Chaos Bolts out during your opener. Our openers are were we really take off from.


What is your typical opener sequence?

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On Tectus, you had one glaring issue - 3 uses of non-glyphed Havoc in a fight that lasted 8:26.  Why play a cleave spec if you aren't going to use your cleave?


You almost let your 2nd charge of Dark Soul wear off before using your 2nd potion.  These two things need to be combined and overlapped, not done in succession.  Even moreso, your 2nd potion should almost always coincide with Bloodlust.  You did neither.


Basic Destruction stuff - keep Immolate up, use CB with buffs, etc.

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