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Stats for warrior tanking

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I just had a very similar question in another thread and I'm lazy, so I'm going to quote myself.



The site guide is really only considering the fact that mastery, in general out-performs crit for smoothing damage. What it's missing is the interplay of diminishing return's effects on parry. Once we can have quite a bit of crit, we'll get less and less parry chance from it, making it less useful for survivability. At current gear levels, however, the number of stat points required to get 1% parry is roughly equal to the number of stat points to get 1% static block/1% crit block. Thus, by choosing crit>mastery, you're getting significantly lower damage intake with very little spikiness since we have Shield Block whether we stack mastery or not. Further, there are a couple of debuffs that can be avoided, which is rather nice. Ultimately, whether crit or mastery is better really depends on parry's DR. In this tier, we're not going to have enough crit to worry about that, so it's safe to say that crit is better than mastery for now. Additionally, you get the benefit of extra rage. Shield Barrier needs a big buff to make the extra rage the primary reason for gearing crit, but even now it is still beneficial.


To answer your second question, I would highly recommend crit enchants and gems.


I hope that cleared some things up. You can also check out my prot guide that is pinned at the top of this forum for further perspective.

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