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Fury DPS Talent Choice

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Hey there,

i've an urgent question because i try to maximize my dps as a fury. Right now im about Ilvl 642 and i'm doing pretty good DPS with around 23k single target.

But now ive read through some guides and noxxic is telling me that Avatar is going to be the top choice as soon as you reach ~660. 

As far as i played fury i never thought about taking this talent into consideration but could it really be a DPS increase in the late game? Im new to simcraft and tools like that, so im asking you guys for a little help here.

I dont know if external links are allowed here in this forum so i wont post the url to the noxxic guide in here.
Thanks wink.png


Oh right, im fury 1h ! :>

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At http://www.simulationcraft.org they place bloodbath as the top talent for Ilvl 630-695, only changing the level 100 talent from ravager to anger management at Ilvl 665. But i'm not good at sims either, jsut using this side as reference since i know they change the sims with every patch and hotfix so it seems accurate.

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