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Desperately looking for advice.... DPS related.

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Here is my armory. Not the best but ive tried to max crit and mastery as are my priorities. I follow the icy veins rotation. (stealth into muta using blindside when it comes up, rupture using my vendetta shadow macro, vanish when i need free points ect.) 


I Honestly feel like I've gotten the rotation down. I conserve energy to make sure i always have an envenom up, i use preparation correctly spaced so i can get the most vanishes off per fight. I have spent a lot of money on enchants. I use a draenic agailty almost every fight. All this and my dps has never gotten above 16k. I keep getting kicked out of groups not because my mechanics are bad but simply  because my dps is too low......


_______Main Concerns_______


Are rogue obsolete? Should i give up on trying to be relevent dps (~20k). 


Is 15-16k good dps at item level 647?


What are my options.



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Hi im a 643 Combat rogue, im going Haste/Multi/Versitility i average around 17-20k single target bosses and 20k+ on bosses with adds or stacking so im not 100% 

I also seen a Rogue called Rogu-Thurassian similar gear to use probably a few IL lower who was Assassination and he was doing around 20k dps single target and a bit more on multi so try armory him.


going off ur gear i would think u should be doing a lot more dmg O.o

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No on both counts. Rogues are really quite good dps at the moment. Is 15-16k with raid buffs? If yes, you're doing something drastically wrong. 


Get yourself Glyph of Disappearance - you don't really need Sprint


If you have Logs I can help provide a lot more details, but since I don't know what you're doing in a fight I can't help you much more than to say that

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"If you have Logs I can help provide a lot more details, but since I don't know what you're doing in a fight I can't help you much more than to say that"


How can i get you the Logs. Im desperately seeking council I'm so frustrated.

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Go to https://www.warcraftlogs.com/ and download their client. Then go into your game menu > system > Network and enable advanced combat logging, 


Once that's done, when you go into combat (like on a training dummy or a real raid boss), type /combatlog. Whenever you're done, type /combatlog again to stop recording data, and use the client to upload to the website

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hmm not sure what your doing wrong. your gears seem's okish though i wouldnt use other enchants than shattered hand personally, tested shattered hand vs mastery proc ones on dummy and it was 200dps more on the dam shattered hands (goodbye 15k gold...).


i've been at around 19-21k upto fight around your ilvl til i got raid drop weapon that took it abit higher so you should be able to do more.


get mastery food the better ones that gives 100, get 250 agi flasks and pre pot (pop draenic agility pot before pull so it goes off cd during the fight then and gives free ~15-20sec of 1k agility bonus).


always keep rupture up as thats our energyregen beast, each tick gives 10 energy so if its fight with more than 1 target like twins or tectus or brackenspore try to keep it on each enemy if possible, especially if its a bout to die (gain energy if it dies with rupture on based on rupture duration left on target).


your glyphs and all others are fine, just confused of your mastery...claims its mere 30%? that cant be right unless armory messed something up. energy glyph is fine too with the vanish+vendetta ones as you oftenly hit the cap during the waiting phases like chainhurl / butcher running back from ranged etc.


personally on ingame stats im atm 62.8% mastery 5.8% multistrike 23.25% crit (counting in personal passive buffs with no buff foods etc up).


best bet would be to keep practicing on dummies. atm im hitting 15k unbuffed dummy dps without using prep. make macro for shadow+vendetta:


/cast Shadow Reflection

/cast Vendetta


as reflection is off gcd it pops both up while making shadow reflection cast vendetta also as it pops first. dont worry of envenoms uptime as onlytime it overlaps is during heroism/bl and then it doesnt matter much as you regen energy so fast. just keep rupture up nonstop and poisons up and thats it tongue.png




link to my armory, and here's link for few wowlogs of fights guild im in did yesterday, if you want to check some data there. both me and valdeth are assassination rogues. you can see how much the dps jumps in multitarget fights when you get more than 1 rupture going for the energy and get proper uptime for it:





so yeah rogues arent obsolete or unable to compete from good dps, regardless of what noxxic claims our dps to be "shit tier" in the simcrafts. we can do dam good dps if you just do it right :3

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