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[Resto] Please help me get out of Trail. Need help on improvements

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Thanks alot for your input. I read it all very closely. I do agree on you about healing rains. When I looked at the movie I was going back and forth on posting it or not because it was obvious to me as well that those healing rains was out of placement and out of time.

This was my first attempt ever (since this was a one shot) on Tectus. I do ofc knew about the fight, the abilities, but I didnt had the timing down for them. So this fight was a bit messy on my part. Another attempt and it would be alot more different I think.

Next time I will place healing rains down eacy time we move from pillars and use raid cooldowns properly with tectonic upheaval and place healing rains in sync with that as well.

I agree with you as well. I have been healing since on and off on my shaman for 10 years and even though I am quite rusty these days, healing in general has changed alot. Everything these days is based around pressing everything on cd, and buffing your own spells etc, timing your cooldowns properly etc. The guilds I was healing in during MOP and Cata I just healed and no one ever complained. So I didnt either, which obviously was a problem. In fact I always was complimented on my healing before.


I do like my current guild. I can speak my native tongue and there are nice people with the same attitude and goal as I have when it comes to killing new bosses. I dont wish to cause any drama and I am on trail, so I want to accommodate to their needs as much as possible. If they are wrong about healing meters etc, now is not the time to bring that up, but eventually later.

Doing as much HPS as possible is a useful tool as well, next to being smart about your healing. There are times throughput is needed and other times not. So this has been quite a good kick in the butt for me as well where I learned new things.


Its interesting you bring out the use of mana, because from my view this is what happened on Margok last night. This is a long fight. The healing officer rightly pointed at that we should be at leats 50% mana when last phase starts, after we used channeled mana potion before last intermission.

To this my reply what maybe we must heal as smart as possible in the first phases. And my key word was "smart" here. And he agreed to this. 

In general I think healing meters can be used as a tool, if interpreted correctly. And not only as a X has Y HPS, X is better than Z at healing. 

Jokingly I can top the meters by standing in fire and spam heal my self, and popping raid cooldowns at the wrong times, but it wont help us kill any bosses.

My philosophy was to conserve as much mana as possible to the last part of any bossfight, to have enough if there was any screw ups, but if the guild wants me to heal alot more, then this is what I will do.

I have gotten alot of good feedback during this thread and Ive improved alot and doubled my hps and the guild seems satisfied with my job now. Usually I got put on standby on the raid events, but now I can see that I am put as "confirmed" on the next raid tomorrow. 

I want to thank Stoove, Pandacho and Mazukon so far for their help. If not for them I would be guildless perhaps at the moment.

However, on thursday we are doing all the bosses again on HC, and the final evaluation on me will be done then I assume. So I need to plan ahead alot and use the right talents and do everything right on those fights as well. Who knows, maybe I was just lucky yesterday when I placed very good on the healing meters yesterday.

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@Pandacho, could you please go over my attempts on Margok from yesterday? Log is at the bottom of page 1.

Sorry, Tesshin, I was'n online yesterday in the evening. Will do it now and hope it's still relevant.

First of all, am I right and you had 4 healers for 13-man raid? Feels like too many. And as we already discussed, too many healers makes all of you to do too much overheal and is the worst composition for resto shamans because of Mastery - it just doesn't work in full potential.

I think that I will compare your Mar'gok tries with mine, it feels easier to me. We did 21N with 4 healers ilvl 640-644. I think it could be compared in terms of spell usage to 13H with 4(?) healers ilvl 646-659.

I will write here my talents and glyphs for the end of the raid - I played with them a lot until stopped on this composition.

1. Astral Shift (I use it on Force Rings)

2. Non-relevant

3. Call of the Elements (I don't see any other possibility to come with High Tide in this fight)

4. Ancestral Swiftness ( I switched a lot between AS and EotE and finally stopped on AS here. The reason: no dispels, so no gain for Purify Spirit, I did a few single target heals - not a big gain for Unleashed Life, so the only one spell which was able to benefit from EotE in this fight for me was Riptide. After about 1.5 hours of checking I decided that there are no too many situations in this fight where I can't wait for Riptide to get off CD and I'd better get constant haste buff)

5. Rushing Streams - obvious. No need for a bit pushing from AG, no place for Conductivity - raid moves all the time.

6. Elemental Blast. Well, it's a long fight and we need mana. I tried two other talents too, but we really need mana towards the end of the fight. More powerful spells are not helpful if you can't cast them without mana ^^

7. High Tide. I tried CBT too. It does more or less same numbers in healing meter, but its healing feels wrong timed. I need the flexibility of powerful CH casts in the times of high damage. Especially because of unpredictable timing of unnecessary damage the raid is tend to receive in this fight. 


Glyphs: no Riptide, no Chaining. (tried both)


I will compare a couple of attempts of the same length more or less.

Let's take your and mine. I tried some other attempts, but you were using CBT totem there, so couldn't compare really.

As you can see, you had too many healers for this fight. I almost didn't use single heals because on 21-man I had my 6 targets for the CH most of the time. In this way I could fully utilise High Tide potential.

I can't really understand why your CH average is so much lover than my.

Your: 54 casts, 13.7K average with 2.88KK healing done 

Mine: 49 casts, 21.1K average with 4.16KK healing done

How I use CH: 

1) Always start from Earth Shielded and Riptided tank or with Riptided person in the range group. 

2) If it's 1-2 sec for additional Riptide to get off CD, I will cast it and then CH

3) I always cast UL before CH if Unleashed Life is off CD

Do you plan your Chain Heals or just cast them on whoever it drops?


I see something alike with Riptides.

Your: 83 casts, 14.6K average with 2.28KK healing done

Mine: 78 casts, 18.2K average with 2.52KK healing done


Are you in hurry to cast things on whoever it lands without planning? 


Well, it seems to me that I'll better explain my 'healing strategy' and it might be more helpful than just comparing.

Because your spell usage in terms of numbers is perfect when we make a simple checking like fight length divided on totem(spell) CD.

But... In my opinion, while this numbers are important, sometimes they play a bad joke with us, when we are trying to cast everything on CD instead of being a bit worse with CD number but more planning the 'right' heals.


All our spells are useful. What I can suggest you - try to think about specific fight before the raid and plan your reaction for every kind of damage. When you should use UL with Healing Surge, when UL with Chain Heal, when HR is worth casting. Try to stop yourself from doing more and more weak casts. In my opinion it's better to spend 1-2 sec for planning the best cast and making it powerful, than to spam 3 weak casts in the same time, wasting mana and overhealing.


Hope, it makes some sense and sorry if I was a bit of CO here :)

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Hiya, my shaman is only lv 51 but a general observation from this post is this. :-why do your raid leaders care about your hps, unless everyone is dead because of healer mistakes then it is how you use those heals, and also where your other cool down are useful the the raid. I've never been actually bothered about my hps (disc main) because I know at the end of the day that as long as people are alive at the end of the fight ive done a good job, or on progression you can't heal people who are 1 spotted by a specific mechanic or stand in the fire, sometimes you need to change the way your team does the fight to make it easier on the healers. Just a general observation from my point of view.

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why do your raid leaders care about your hps

I'll try to answer from PoV of a person who has to care about somebody else HPS in raids. :)

But first of all: I'm never involved into this madness of 3-5% comparing and deciding from here about healing potential of a person.

When I do check what's going on?

One case: healer's HPS or amount of dispels is extremely low comparing to others. I mean: X, Y, Z did 30K average HPS in fight and 10-12 dispels each. U did 15K HPS and 5 dispels. Believe me, it happens. There are so many reasons for it from FPS dropping to 0 up to some healers going to make coffee on trash. And sometimes this healer just don't understand the fight so his healing is wrong.  I took an extreme example here, but it's the idea.

The other case: like there is a 'dps check' for progress fights meaning that if you don't have X dps you will hit enrage and die, the same is right for HPS - if your healers overall HPS is lower than Y, the raid will continue to die over and over not finishing the fight.

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Thanks for your opinion pandacho, I see where you are coming from, but from what I see, having now looked at the logs, it seems that tesshin is struggling on the fights which don't let him use his abilities as well, I see the resto druid in his raid team also is struggling on these fights, it might be that you need more practise on these encounters as is the way with raiding, there are always fights where certain classes are by far the best and others suck. Tectus and twins are both pretty hectic fights so you might have trouble getting healing rain down on more than 2 or 3 people and also chain heal on the maximum amount of players, also long cast times never help on these fights as you need to be able to move in seconds to avoid the fire or the bloody rocks tectus puts Down. Overall you aren't far behind on butcher but you just need to get used to moving around more which will come with practise.

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why do your raid leaders care about your hps


In a raid, it is the job of the entire healer team to keep everyone alive. It is not the job of each individual healer, but rather it is a team effort. If the raid wipes because someone did not get enough healing (as opposed to wiping to mechanics), then raid leaders will be looking at HPS to see who is the weak link on the healing team and who is not pulling their weight. If one healer is consistently doing much less HPS (~15-20% less than the others) that is when you have to start asking yourself "are we wiping because this healer is not pulling his weight, or are we doing something else wrong?" It is totally legitimate to say that the healing team did well but individual healers did not. 


Also, we are talking about relative HPS, not absolute HPS. It is really hard to judge raw HPS or HPS rankings on Warcraft logs since the amount of healing that we can do it not up to us like it is for dps. We can only heal the amount of damage that is being taken, so it is useful to look at relative HPS between your healers. If one healer is pulling much less than others, they are putting an unneeded strain on the rest of the healers and the raid. 

Edited by Mazukon

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