Prot Warrior + Scabbard of Kyanos?

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Hey folks,


As a dislaimer I am fairly new to prot tanking and theory, so please be gentle. I'd love constructed criticism if you have any though.


So I was able to snipe a Scabbard of Kyanos off the AH, and I was wondering if has any particular niche uses. My current alternate trink, a RNG 645 follower reward trink, has 183 Crit + 183 Bonus armor, and according to the stat weights the scabbard falls short by some 150 units worth of stats (some 11% in downgrade), but are there fights where it makes sense to take the scabbard?


I was thinking it might be better on fights where there is occasional burst magic/non-melee physical damage where the extra AP from the strength would play a good factor for Shield Barrier, but bonus armor reduces the damage anyways if it's physical and the crit will provide parry to help mitigate melee's as well. The only possible fight I can think scabbard will be better is Orebender in UBRS, but I'd love some other, less fresh opinions.


Thanks in advance.

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Yeah, I could definitely see the Scabbard being useful for when you need bigger Barriers. Shield Barrier is pretty poor right now, so you wouldn't be getting a ton from the scabbard, but it would certainly help. In current raids, I'm usually seeing about 250% Resolve, so I'd estimate the Scabbard giving you an extra 6k or so per Shield Barrier while it's active.

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