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glyph/talent/action bar/gear switching addon

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Hey everyone,

I'm a Resto/Feral druid that basically wants 3 specs:

Feral PVE

Resto PVE

Resto PVP


My Resto PVE is there for guild/dungeon/challenge mode reasons, my Feral spec is for all the stuff you need to in WoD like garisson missions/quests/invasions and farming.


I really can't lose any of those two, but in Arena's/PVP I need to swap out every talent, all glyphs and modify my action bars and gear heavily. This is not hard to do but bothersome and annoying. Are there any addons that can do most or all of this automatically?




Reason I posted this in general is because this isn't a druid only request but for basically anyone that wants that "third spec".

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