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Feeling overwhelmed

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I start wanting to a play class then I look at the rotations and such then get off put by as I think I cant do it. I want to level a warrior and death knight, is there any advice for rotations and such with them? ( I dont want to be a tank with them just dps)

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For DK:

Storm's 2H Frost Rotation Helpers (Weak Auras) 


Storm's Unholy Rotation Helpers (Weak Auras)


You'll need to download weak auras first, but once you have the addon you can copy the strings from those posts to import them into weak auras. I've been top 3 dps in every raid I've been in since making the rotation weak auras, and I've never been beaten by another DK.


There's also Bitten's Spellflash for DK, or any other class. I haven't tried it personally because I had already made my weak auras when I found out it exists, but at least one person has claimed they do more dps with Bitten's spellflash than with my weak aura.

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