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mana problems on Ko'ragh

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I feel like im runing out of mana to fast on Ko'ragh normal. Im trying to stay away from using wildgrowth to much unless its really really nessesery, but by the time the third shadow comes in im dry and i dont really know what to do other then trying to get a better uptime on lifebloom (for some reason i find it really hard to keep it up sence it got swaped to beeing one stack in stead of 3, might also have someting to do with that im focusing more on the raid now then in mop). Oh and if anyone has any tips on how to handel the second adds pls dont be afraid to ask, they seem to just nuke the shit out of the tank that has them.


Here are some logs from tonight and my armory. And yes i know i need to enchant, havent goten around to it yet and yes im runing with omen of clerety, i find that it works better for me untill i get vhodu to acally show me the germenation so i dont spam more then i have to. cinda do that to much as it is.


Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/veknilash/Delaila/simple


Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/hf4WtPZzqkGjQR1K

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You should enchant your weapon - 500 spirit has an impact on mana regen. Furthermore I can see you're (and your raid) taking damage that can be avoided. For example - damage from Ko'ragh's smash, or fire debuff blowup damage.

I'm not healing much since wod raids, so I cant give you specific mana management advice, except that I personally take Germination as it is easiest choice to handle.


As for general boss tactic - we're not even stacking up (we do this fight spread around the room with 23~24 ppl). Adds should not be your major concern. As I've asked my tanks about the adds they just said that slow is key to sucess. If lets say hunter puts down his aoe slow trap - it makes add handling much easier task. And furthermore we ignore adds for the first shield recharge - that's where we pop up our bloodlust and use cds (ranged gets first 20secs of lust, melee gets last 20 secs of lust).

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Yeah se do that to, first shield se use hero/bloodlust, all dps fokus on The boss untill he is done then The adds gets killed, we try to have them inside the nulification circels. Will pass on The hunter slow trap..Dont think it is used.

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1. You chose Moment of Clarity but you're not using it. You gained this buff 97 times but you only cast 105 Regrowths. I bet some of them were in times of emergency as well, meaning you don't utilize your level 100 talent at all. Go with Germination instead for 20% more healing for the mana.


2. You're using Healing Touch way too much. This ability is not very mana efficient compared to Rejuvenation.


3. Your Lifebloom uptime is aweful (55%) but it is still doing 30% overhealing. It seems you're keeping it up just for the sake of keeping it up (because someone told you to). You're almost exclusively using it on the tanks. You don't necessarily have to. Use it in the same way as you would use Rejuvenation - on whoever needs healing or is taking sustained damage due to a debuff. Let it expire if the target doesn't have full health - don't refresh it for the sake of refreshing it either (eg. don't waste free Regrowth casts to refresh it, if the target won't benefit from that Regrowth).


4. You're using Genesis. This won't increase your healing done if you're struggling with mana issues, so avoid it. 


5. You're rarely using your Tree of Life. This talent is insanely good and should be used on cooldown as long as you won't be overhealing. Should have more uses than Tranquility. 


6. Wild Growth is not inefficient. It is more efficient than spamming Healing Touch. Glyph it for the extra efficiency.


7. Don't let your mastery fall off as it happens to do a few times during critical moments.


8. Use Nature's Swiftness basicly on cooldown. You only used it 14 times on 13 pulls. 


9. Avoid using Swiftmend (but still use it over Regrowth)


10. It seems you're not familiar with using Nature's Vigil properly. It does only 2.75% of your healing. Consider replacing it with Heart of the Wild instead, which is easier to use. (As Dream of Cenarius doesn't work properly on this boss)


11. You're casting Wild Mushroom way too often. Place it somewhere smart and let it expire. Then cast it immediately again. You're re-casting it after just 10 seconds while at other times you forget to keep it up for nearly a minute. Wild Mushroom is one of your most mana efficient abilities if you use it right.


These are just a few examples of things you could improve. 

Edited by Shedim

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Only looking the last attempt and for when you were alive.

Harmony: 78%. This is very important buff to keep up, without it your hots dont heal for much.
Lifebloom: 81%, need to work on getting this closer to 90+%


Here is a graph with your Harmony uptime (yellow) and your lifebloom uptime and casts (blue)



Rejuv: 96% good


Incarnation: 1 time. Looks like you used this on the transition. Its ok.
NV: 2 times. good, DoC might be better for this since NV only did like 200k healing. DoC can do a lot more with all the down time.
Tranquility: 1 cast. good
Barkskin: 2 times. Decent usage.
Ironbark: 1 time could use it maybe once more, but you didn't really get into a place that it mattered.
Nature's Swiftness: 0. You should use this ability. It gives you a free and instant healing touch. Its great for burst on the move as well as just general healing output/ burst.  Use it! ITS GOOD.
Wild Mushroom:




What you want to see with this graph is the green lines going UP, AFTER the red lines.  If its going down, then you probably used it in the wrong area.


You also could maybe move it around A LOT LESS. This is probably where all your mana is going. Wild mushroom has a 30 second duration, ideally you want to only cast it when it goes away, so you cased it about 5 extra times and some didn't even heal for much more.


Get better placements of your Mushroom.


Here you made decent use of moment of clarity (except the middle one), so you're not really letting it go to waste, but the problem is more that you're USING moment of clarity.


This talent is NOT good for mana management. It procs much less often than a normal clear casting and when it does proc, you're FORCED to use regrowth where you otherwise wouldn't normally use it.  Not using this talent gives you much more procs and the flexibility to use it at leisure as well as a throughput talent to help your overall healing.



Tree of life / Rejuv usage:



You only used 6 rejuvs during your Tree of life. During ToL Wild Growth and Rejuv are going to be your best healing spells


You used 6 other healing touchs, when Rejuv would have been an instant cast and probably cheaper spell to use.

 2 regrowth, and 2 lifeblooms.



Your main issue it seems is 

  1. Too many Wild Mushroom casts
  2. Use Dream of Cenarius to do wrath healing during super low damage (I.E. phase 1 and 2, and heal during transitions.)

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will test doc, and we are moving as a group so as soon as the group moves i move my shroom..will test not using it at the start when the dmg are low and i will see if i can work out how to get germenation to show on my vhodo so i dont overuse it, cinda why i use moment of clarity, that and that i got told by another friend that it works really well with the tree.

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got him down, think the spirit enchant and germination really worked well. now im having isues with the last boss instead :P wich i think comes from the same place as the other boss.l. dont get why im having such problems with keeping the lb up :/


here are some logs from tonight. 



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Get a weak aura, make it noticeable.  Until you improve on Lifebloom your mana is going to suffer.


Thats just a basic mechanic of the class, there are still other things you can improve upon as well, which is spell/target selection and your other healers. But until you get the basic mechanics of how the class works, theres no point in worrying about other things.

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