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DPS on Boss Dummy

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Hello guys im kinda new to the DK and i´ve read alot on this forum and also the guides.


Since i want to improve myself i was testing my damage as UH and as 2h Frost at the Boss Dummy and i couldnt manage to reach more than 15-16k dps even with Str Flask and Multistrike food.


Actually im usinf the Rotation from the Weak Aura guide here which is for 2h  frost


Outbreak - Obliterate - frost strike and howling blast only on procc.


Also i prefer use the Proc on Obliterate instead on frost strike.


So the rotation should be very simple but i still can´t afford higher dps.at the dummy how much do you guys get there?



Also as i said i was playing unholy also with the Weak aura rotation from the forum here


the dps is almost the same. So i asking myself if i just suck or what is my mistake here.



My Arsenal link is here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/character/aegwynn/Flyttchen/advanced


also i got a screenshot of my latest dps test as 2h Frost: http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3838/t8gecrhm_jpg.htm


And here is a second screen: http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3838/ysfm3g4o_jpg.htm


I hope someone can help me



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uhm im not sure if combatlogs work for the boss dummy but i made one for lfr


I failed pretty hard and died at 2 bosses cause i underestimated the dmg ;) but tectus is 100% alive



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The only thing that stands out to me in your Tectus log is your Killing Machine procs. you had 45.92% crit on Obliterate, and 39.04% crit on frost strike. The difference between them should be a lot more. On some of my best logs I've had 60% crit on Obliterate and 30% crit on frost strike, but that was probably a fluke. you should be able to get at least 15-20% more crits on Obliterate than frost strike though if you're using most of your killing machine procs on obliterate.


Other than that everything looks good to me. your dps is pretty good, you're only 1-2k behind me, and I have about 10 ilvl on you.

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I know sometimes i dont have the autoswing timer in mind so if i want to use frost strike it happens that the proc came in the same second thats something i´ll definetly keep in mind.


Also i think i figured out my biggest problem.. i had runig corrupiton instead of runic empowerment skilled that should be a huge difference i guess because when i started to test my dps on dummy i had with runig corruption 15k as frost.

But with runig empowerment i constantly had 17-18k dps on the dummy only with selfbuffs so yeah


I will try to upload some more logs later and hope you guys can see improvements or tell me what i do wrong


Thank you so far

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