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Tips to enhance my DPS

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Hi there,


Back to WOD, i did not play MOP. My armory : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kaelthas/jhonas/advanced


My dps is a little bit low and i did not see what's wrong.


Below some log of our last raid.





On Imperator my DPS drop drastically on the second transition with the 2 orgre.


If you see something on my stuff or in my rotation, please advise me !


Thanks and HF ;)

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I'm not a pro log reader like the other guys here, but few pointers that I noticed:


- Switch your Energy Flows glyph. They're useful only if you're dodge-tanking something. Put Glyph of Energy in there instead.

- Comparing to your Rogue counterpart, you have Disappearance Glyph and he doesn't. Yet he almost has the same Vanish casts as you do. You should have more than him.

- Several fights you use Prep right before using a second Vanish. Use Prep right after your first Vanish. Using it earlier means more uses of it during fight.

- Increase Rupture time. Most of time it ran around 85%, you can clip last 6~8s without damage loss and apply a new Rupture.


Wait for the other's guys advice, might have more insights than mine =)

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"Pro log reader" is a biiiiiit of a stretch haha.


Lip is pretty much right on though.


Some other things I noticed from looking at your longest fight:

  1. You cast Recuperate a couple times. There's pretty much no need for this; not only is the healing from it very low, but you don't have the glyph that increases healing received from it, so its a fairly huge waste of cp
  2. You wasted even more cp on Crimson Tempest - there is almost never any reason to waste a gcd and any cp on this skill
  3. Not pooling energy before Vendetta or Envenom. Especially now, because the Crit and Haste that we get on gear isn't good enough to constantly maintain the Envenom buff, you want to fit as many spellcasts into the windows that you have. This means saving up to 100 energy (when you have Glyph of Energy) before Envenom and Vendetta / SR casts, to maximise the hits you get. Remember SR doesn't copy autos, only skills, so the more skills you are able to cast with it up the better

Everything else seems fairly decent - cooldowns are being used on time,

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Im not a pro or anything, tho i think im pretty decent at assassination. 19k dps is what i was doing with similar gear u have. Sure u can change that vanish glyph / try to pool bit more energy before SR/Vendetta but i doubt its gonna change anything. The best thing that u can focus on is probably increasing ur uptime on the target somehow, other than that i think ur doing good.


p.s. also what i found interesting both rogues hav different most dmg sources than mine. im always at 1)Deadly;2)Autos;3)VW, tho 2-3 change sometimes.

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