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Lower item level with perfect off-stats vs. higher with worse off-stats

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Since reforge have mostly "saved" us from this, but now that it's gone, what can we do?


I am sitting 'still' in some 630 and 636 armor and 1 weapon, with crit/mastery and crit/multistrike. However, I got several "upgrades" in ilevels, such as 655 items, and a few 646 LFR items with Mastery/Versatility, Mastery/multistrike etc.


Is the overall "raw" amount of stats better, or is the lower ilevel with better off-stats simply just better? - I've seen people saying to go for the item based on item level and if it has crit, so as long as the higher ilevel item have crit on it, then you should equip that. And SIM is telling me that usually the higher ilevel items will provide a DPS boost, even though they are running with the garbage stats.


I know how important crit is for warriors, but I am basically getting told two different things here. Can I just listen to my SIM, watch the stat weights and put a value on each item or should I go for the highest ilevel item with crit on it?


Also, Highmaul is limited in items for each slot.


Hope someone can help.




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With the stats change this expansion, *most of the time* higher ilvl will be better, unless the ilvls are exceptionally close. This is especially true for weapons, where as long as it has strength, if the ilvl is higher, the weapon is better.

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