Ilvl 639 destro lock low dps :-(

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Hi guys.

Have been reading up on locks, some clame to do 21k dps in my ilvl "639" and im only doing 17k ?? whats wrong ?

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Ilvl scaling is presently, broken as all hell. I'm 644, and I can touch 20k on a good fight as demo. (I've played destro for a year and a half, and it can go to hell for all I care.) 17k is reasonable, and what you should look at as "average." Also, your actual pieces make a lot of difference. A good wep or set of trinkets will go a lot farther than a shoulder upgrade. We're seeing a minor ilvl increase correlate to a major dps increase, so gear scaling is a big deal. It should, hopefully, smooth out a little, as the diminishing  returns value Blizz has attached to secondaries starts to level things out, but presently, it represents a big the current level, and it may need to be solved, but we'll see as we see the ilvl start to creep up there.


To give you a little more context: there was a time where i had Kazi and Locky by like 4-5 ilvls, and was parsing like 5% higher in ranks. I'm not a better warlock. I'm a hell of  lot worse. I just had the gear to push the numbers.


TL;DR: ilvls mean a ton, and where you get them mean a ton more. Don't pay too much attention to what people claim to be doing. 17k is average. Moderate. Could use some improvement, and that's what logs are for, but don't stress about a 4k DPS differential that just really isn't there. 

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