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[US - Sen'jin][H] <Slave To The Grind> Needs healers for Heroic Raiding

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HORDE guild on US-Sen'Jin server.


Looking for 2-3 Monk/Shaman/Druid/Priest Healers (who hopefully will also be geared and able to DPS or tank offspec) for our Heroic raiding team. We raid every Wedensday and Sunday from 8:30pm CST until 11:30pm.


We're hoping to get people already on or transferring to Sen'jin/Quel'Dorei but are of course willing to take xrealm folks in the meantime who don't want to change guilds but want a regular raid.


We're an adult guild - average age 30+ - who enjoys raiding and having a fun time. Most of us are on a first name basis and have been raiding together since TBC.


We joke around a fair bit and for most of us, raid nights are about enjoying each others company. That being said we do take raiding seriously and are usually able to complete content at a good pace. We've historically been a 10 man guild and keep a pretty tight roster so with that in mind we're going to be focusing on Heroic raiding.


Whisper MattCucio#1512 or Alavaz#1973 for more info or visit http://slavetothegrind.info

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