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ilvl 645 destro lock looking for help with low dps

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Here is my logs for normal highmaul:


Here is my armory:


I do my rotation of 4 chaos bolts with dark soul. I have two charges of that so every time I get 4 embers I have a dark soul for a chaos bolt burn.

I do have the 620 lvling staff still so I don't know if this is my dps problem or if there is something in my rotation, stats, or anything else I might have wrong

Please help me increase my dps. Any feedback will help me. Thanks

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Please help me increase my dps. 


get rid of cataclysm for single target fights. use Demonic Servitude with Doomguard.



also, did you have a pet on passive for the entirety of the Kargarth fight?

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There are those here better suited to picking apart logs but I need practice for my guildies so I'll try to help:


1) Don't cap out embers.  If you're capped then any you could be earning are lost, lowering the number of Chaos Bolts.  When you get to around 3 and half embers or so fire one off so that you can keep earning.


2) You shouldn't have 4 in a row at the beginning unless you guys pulled while you still were sitting on some.  check the Destruction guide at the top of this forum for a solid opener.  If on the log you look at buffs and then at your Chaos Bolt and Dark Soul usage, you fired off your 4 CBs just a couple seconds after your DMF trinket buff falls off. 


3) Pre-pot.  This combined with the opener outlined in the other thread and stacking every buff possible will help.  Then of course pot again later in the fight, ideally when you're in Dark Soul and you have at least another proc going if possible. 


4) I may be reading the logs wrong but I don't see damage done by your pet.  Was it on passive.


5) Unless you are cleaving with Havoc or maybe stuck on the move, Shadowburn is a DPS loss over Chaos Bolt


6) I see a Rain of Fire tossed out at the beginning, was that because you were on the move?  If not I'd not bother with it as it does low damage and doesn't generate embers any longer.

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Your DPS is bad because you are missing a huge chunk of understanding of your spec.  I will first advise you to go check out the guides here so that I can avoid lengthy responses here.


Your gear is such a minor part of your play right now it is not the reason your DPS is where is it at though.  Focus on getting a weapon though as that is holding you back the most gear-wise.


Use Servitude for all that is Destro at this ilvl.


Also you have a 2 min ICD trinket and a 2 min on use trinket, stop glyphing Dark Soul and line it up with all of those procs.  Hell, I'd even macro the on use to DS.

/cast Dark Soul

/use trinket name


Butcher (single target):


Immolate uptime 93%, change this to closer to 98-100%


Use you on use trinket more than once and preferably on the pull alongside Dark Soul and your ICD trinket to cast Chaos Bolts in that buff window.



Set that to show just Chaos Bolts. You only cast them in Dark Soul so A) you are staying capped and B) you are not using DS at proper times at all.  Stay at 3.5ish embers until you get a trinket proc or there is a period of burst or increased damage on the boss.  Don't just waste DS for the lol's, it lines up great with most trinkets and should be used to bolster those trinkets for maximum Chaos Bolt spends.

Also, your opener is a mess. Prepot, precast Cata (but actually don't take this talent so precast incinerate), Immolate (if you again be good and don't take Cata, 2x Conflag and during this when you see your ICD trinket proc, use DS and your on use and get ready to use CB.


Your pet was doing damage on this fight at least.


Really, just read the guide man you are missing quite a bit.  It's the best thing you can do aside from practice if you want to improve since the peeps here take a lot of time testing and writing them.


Hope this analysis had a little more to it to help you out more.

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