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Hunters and Logs

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So my 25ish man is blessed with four hunters.  However for some reason they're all at or near the bottom in DPS on nearly every fight, something which sims and personal experience says should not be happening.  In MoP I played a hunter alt pretty regularly  so I know the class well enough and can read the guides here to understand if they're gearing or talenting wrong.  However like with most low DPS issues I imagine its player performance that is the issue.


When looking at logs (specifically Warcraftlogs), what should I be looking for?  For MM I know Sniper Shot uptime will be a big deal and like any DPS class I'm sure lining up CDs, pots, procs, etc matters. But what other flags should I be looking at?  What is the basic breakdown of DPS for a MM hunter (ie., is auto-attack damage supposed to be a big part of it or low part, should Chimera Shot be their biggest source of damage or something else)?  


I realize I could link logs here.  However I know at least one of the players reads these forums and I don't need any drama.  Plus the more proficiency I can pick up with analyzing logs the better!


Thanks for help in advance

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Here is a list of things you can do to determine how your hunters are performing.

  1. Focus Regen from Aimed Shot
  2. Number of Chimaera Shots cast vs. possible
  3. Number of Glaive Tosses cast vs. possible
  4. Sniper Training uptime
  5. Cooldown stacking and usage
  6. ^ Making sure you're using the proper amount of cooldowns

Anything past that will require ME to look over the logs as I don't expect you to be able to look any deeper. If you have any questions or would actually like me to look at the logs feel free to send me a private message and I can assist you further.


The pictures should assist you in finding where I'm looking when analyzing specific points.

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