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Thanks alot to this awesome community + reward.

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I have been getting a lot of help from the community these days, and the amount of appriciation is hard to explain.

Ive invested alot of time in Warlords and thought I was doing good enough on my Resto Shaman. Suddenly I saw that alot of people was promoted in my guild after the first resets from trail to raiders. However I was not and I was benched for runs.

I talked to my officers and they felt my healing was lacking. I was 100% focused on reading guides and strategies on bosses and focused on not doing any mistakes, which I never did. I had the completely wrong focus and didnt spend time on learning my class at its fullest potential. That was a big mistake.

I asked them if I could get a chance to prove that could improve, and they said "ok". Thanks to you guys on here I got alot of "aha" experiences on my shaman that boosted my healing output by alot.

I now manage to plan all the encounters ahead, use the best talents and glyphs for each encounter. I know how to plan my raidcooldowns alot better. I also have all the important abilities on cooldown.

The result is awesome and I have now been promoted to raider and I am now secured a spot in the mythic group. So thanks alot.

To show how I improved I will post a movie from my point of view on our recent Imperator HC kill.

This was our last attempts so I tried to go heavy into cloudburst and heavy healing wave as a bit for testing. But we killed it and I had alot mana left over. So for next time I should put in more healing surges and chain heals.

I am sorry to the ones I left out but Mazukon, Stoove and Pandacho are responsible for me being able to be at this kill, and make this video.

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