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Actual stat priority numbers for Disc

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Does anyone know the actual stat priority numbers for Disc at the moment??  I had my Ask Mr Robot weights properly tuned when crit was > Mastery, but now that has changed along with the haste and multistrike thing, so now i'm not sure what the weights should be.

I'm looking for something like this:


Mastery 1.1

crit 1.0

Etc Etc


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how far i know and i´ve tested it a lot, it´s mastery > crit.


She's looking for the actual weights to plug into AMR.

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The issue with exact stat weights is that they change with your gear. The higher gear you get the more important secondary stats become relative to int. It also depends on how much you have of a stat in relation to others or even what spells you use.


Using the spreadsheet in that thread makes this very easy. You put in your gear and portion your heals by their type and it gives you an average stat weight.


If you don't want to fiddle with it, just use a basic int > spirit > mastery > crit = multistrike > versatility > haste, putting guesstimated weights into AMR make it more work since the stat weights will be wrong more often than not.

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