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Ive always try to do my best dps wise on every encounter.

I read alot of theorycrafting and i also do run simC alot , changing gear, talents etc.


according to my SimC i shall be pulling 22.9k dps with my current gear



This a log from my last nights attempt on butcher.



We did not down him. But i could mearly pull 21.1k dps. And that was the best try i did during that night.

I prepot, and take the 2nd @ BL.

Should i at some point start interupting my aimedshot/focus shot to not delay my chimera shot?
Or should i stop casting FS / AS at any point were there is 0.X seconds left on CD for my chimeara?


I was a triggerman during that event, so its possible i did not had my ST up all time.



I know i should replace my multistrike enchants for crit. But i was trying out surv. aswell. According to simc i should pull around 22.1k with Surv. I can mearly stay above 20k. 

Please help me locate my fault in the rotation.






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