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I am trying to figure out the basic math behind the prismatic crystal and its not making much sense to me


say you are doing 25k dps, the crystal last 12 seconds


the tooltip say an extra 10 percent damage

300k*1.1 =330k

so every minute and a half you are doing an extra 30k?

in a 5minute fight you use it 3 times

3 x 30k=90k    90k/300secs =300dps


even if you are saving all your cooldowns and doing double that 50k during crystal it still seems very underwhelming,  not sure what im missing.


is the whole point of prismatic crystal  to trick the meters because its doubleing the damage between the crystal and its output?

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Most damage recording addons have been fixed and no longer record the damage from pc twice.


(Checked with recount and skada running together and both were listing similar numbers.)

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Doesnt work like that. 
Dps is Damage/ time. Within a certain time period you can be doing 90k dps (a.k.a your burst) and within a non bursy period you do 10k dps (averaging out to your 25kdps). As such you want to have procs etc for PC to maximize that 10%

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