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Trash Farming Kicked because of low DPS help

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So there I am just joined a farming group and once again my dps on the trash pulls are so low again.  Heroic last boss's are from 15k-17.5k.  




I was running Sub on the bosses, fairly good DPS I think (where should i be at with the gear i have?)  


So switching  to combat in heroic Iron Docks pulling 14-19k with trash due to blade fury of course.  

So wen I joined the heroic, they were pulling one add at a time, and I kept switching specs to try to see what was best, before I got it figured out I have a timer running due to being kicked.  My DPS was about 11k sustained.  


I am pulling that with my mage ffs!  At 530 ilvl appox and here I sit with 637 and totally eating it and its fustrating idk what to do!


FYI I know my gear is sub spec but even then, running with FOK and Crimpson Tempest, + Evis on 3+ mobs still does almost nothing for DPS on pulls.  What the heck am I missing here?


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Don't use CT, nothing lives long enough.


Keep bleeds up on all targets, and use FoK to build cp. 


In general though, Rogues don't do great AoE outside of Combat. 2-3 targets is good as Sub if they live for a while, but mobs in heroics don't. 

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Also, you have really low Mastery. Once you have more of that, you'll notice a good increase in damage

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