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Elemental rotation help

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Few questions:

1.) Would it be more benefitial to use the unleash flame(talented) proc on Lava burst since it benefits from the proc? or is flame shock the best spell to use?

2.) Elemental fusion; I have 2 stacks, not enough stacks to cast ES and consume LS stacks with Fulmination and Flame shock debuff is 9+ secs should I use Frost shock to consume the 2? or should I wait for flame shock or earth shock to use it? Do I let it sit there and continue to cast lava bursts (even though capped) or lightning bolts as filler or should I use it immediately (or as close to as I can get)?

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1) If Unleashed Fury is talented you should use it in rotation, as often as possible, and try as much as possible to cast shocks and other non-LV/LvB spells during the buff's downtime but when UF is still on cooldown


2) Let it sit and continue to cast until you cast ES/FS normally. EF is a talent you should mostly not pay attention, there are tiny gains here and there that you can get a few times per fight but overall it's not worth paying attention to.

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