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(Enhancement) Question about Secondary vs Primary stat

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Hi All,


First topic here. Please be nice!


Right now, I am currently progressing through Heroic Highmaul. My dps is fine and I am able to keep up with the rest of the DPS.

My Profie for reference http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/lightnings-blade/Tottoshamen/simple


My question is, am i supposed to give up haste completely on an item if it offers more AGI? Sometimes terribly itemized gear will drop, but there will be a decent increase in AGI. Now i've heard somewhere that itemization can outweigh agility now. But I always equipped the higher item level. As you can see from my profile, my haste isn't at the highest point it can possibly be. When my haste drops, I feel it like crazy! after the burst phase, everything feels so so slow. I'm worried because as 670 gear starts dropping for me, i dont want to lose dps for acquiring "better" gear.


Please advise! thanks for listening!



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Hey there chipz,


I'm not a DPS player, but I'll give you my advice from the perspective of someone who does a lot of Resto theorycrafting.


When looking at upgrades, it's generally more about the amount of stats on an item than the itemization. For instance, as Resto I would take a reasonable increase in ilvl (say, 5 ilvls) even if it meant losing Mastery. The singular exception to this rule is on non-trinket Spirit slots - Spirit is just so good for Resto that you don't want to lose it.

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