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Merry Christmas Warlocks (and lurkers)

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Remember, WoW will still be here.  Enjoy your family, friends, and good times this holiday season.  Thanks for making this place kick ass. 

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Merry Christmas guys. Thanks for making this THE community for warlocks, and the community it is. I wouldn't be where I am without it, and I'm proud to be a part.

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Afraid its a bit after date but I still wanted this to be said;


First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! I was late with this because its a very busy period for me. Celebrations with family and exams comming soon for me. Thats why I'd also like to wish everyone a good health, happiness in whatever way you prefer it and a bit of luck now and then for the new upcomming year. So happy new year already! Because there is so much to do for me i'm doing this in advance, please forgive me smile.png


And secondly since the year is rounding up now seems a good time to thank this community. For me this was(EDIT: and still is) a place where I could always come for advice and information. This has proven very valuable for me, certainly with the release of WoD. I have never experienced a new expansion from day 1, now I have and thanks to everyone here I could do it while staying on top of things. Thank you for that!


Aside from me being such a newbie compared to most of the people here, I am improving, slowly smile.png. Heck whoever told me 2 years ago that i'd be looking at my own logs to try and do better next time, I would have declared that person crazy. It seems to me that i've accidently bumped into this game thanks to some friends. But I'm very happy I did. But I'm even happier that the character I chose back then was that wicked warlock. I learned the meaning of the word raiding in ToT and I became a raider in SoO. But I would never have done that without this community. I remember the days that I was so bad that I was always last on the damage meters (early ToT) but then a nice fellow warlock on my server directed me here. So I started a raiding guild with my friends when SoO released. Sure we had some bumps along the road but now we are really settling down it seems. Last month one of our core members visited us in Belgium (Hello crazy). 


Anyway I digress, all I wanted to say was thank you for everything you do for strange little newbies like me. You all contributed to making me (and a lot others) better at what we like. It surely must be a pain in the *** sometimes to keep answering the same question or to be needed to keep repeating yourself. And I haven't even begun to speak about those annoying little pesks that come around (No offence to anyone, just talking about myself here, carry on...) So thank you for all that!


I envision myself as a scrubby little warlock who gets whispers from some mysterious entity above; "Pssst if you do this more often, you'll be stronger" 



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