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Cross Realm Zones

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Another gimmick from Blizzard? Or a smart new way to play with friends?

A link to a Q&A session about Cross Realm Zones can be found here.

I'm really unsure about this. If it makes the world feel more full then its got to be a good idea right? But then again I think of LFD and how players for different realms treat each other there.

I cant really see it affecting me too much as the majority of the players I play with are all on the same server. Also for players who only have high level alts I doubt they will see much interaction of cross realm zones anyway.

So what do you think? An opportunity to group up with someone new? Or just someone who steals your leather, herbs and mining nodes?

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Cross-realm zones are a good move. Honestly, it is kind of depressing to level up an alt and not see anyone for hours. Cross-realm zones address this issue.

With this new feature, overpopulated areas on a given realm can also be split into several instances. It means that during the launch of Mists of Pandaria, you will not have to compete with tons of players for quest items or quest mobs. I don't know if you played Cataclysm during launch, but I clearly remember spending 2 hours to complete the first quests in Vashj'ir.

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Good move, now instead of making people pay to move from dead servers, just merge some of them, and in the end merge more and more servers.

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I think it's a good move. I have a few mates that play on different realms so it would be nice to do stuff. It would make those lower level zones a bit fuller feeling which is nice although I have just finished off another alt and was rarely in a zone by myself... however outland is a rather over populated server =D.

Hopefully they will inc spawing time of nodes etc to combat volume of players.

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Looking forward to see more of this :)

Think it's a good idea, levelling can get very lonely from time to time.

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