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Hi All,

I would like some tips for me deck, what should i change to improve :)
Below are the cards which im using atm.

(1) Arcane Missle 2x
(1) Mirror Image 2x
(1) Mana Wyrm 2x
(2) Frost Bolt 2x
(2) Echoing Ooze 2x
(2) Sorcerers Apprentice 2x
(3) Arcane Intellect 2x
(3) Shade Of naxxaramas 2x
(4) Fireball 2x
(4) Polymorph 2x
(4) Sen'jin Shieldmasta 2x
(4) Water Element 2x
(5) Loatheb 1x
(6) Sunwalker 1x
(7) Flamestrike 1x
(7) Archmage Antonidas 1x
(8) Kel'Thuzad
(20) Molten Giant

I just started playing so my Dust balance isnt that high, although i prefer buying the best option instead of buying "small" improvements :)

Thx for your help!!


ps. I couldnt find out how to paste it that you can see the cards. If you know how, im will gladly add it to the post :D:D

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