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Hello everyone

I haven't played a healer class yet in draenor

and I can't decide which one to pick

I have Shaman, Priest (holy), Druid and Monk lvl 90s

In Mop I liked the Shaman the most but not sure how well they are in draenor

Which of these should I pick?

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Hi, Noam.

I would bet that the advice you'll get on this forum will be "Play with whatever class you like and feel comfortable". :)


Getting into details, if you want more specific advice, you should mention for what kind of healing you are aiming: PvE / PvP / CMs / casual raiding / hardcore raiding / solo play with occasional 5-man or LFR...?


I played with all healing classes from Cata until now - every class is fun and there are no bad and good choices. Resto Shaman is my permanent raid main and I feel totally fine with it.


Though for CMs I used disc priest in MoP and resto druid in WoD.


If you'll have further questions, I'm glad to answer.  

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Oh! yes of course, i forgot to mention my aiming. it's for pve. i never liked pvp and didn't do any CMs. i'm aiming for raiding.

since these alts and i'm progress with my main (warlock)

i guess they will be used for casual raiding with pugs or alt runs


i loved played as resto shaman i always got decent healing numbers

i guess i will give it a go :)

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