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Ret Trouble, breaking my glass ceiling

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Hey all the Tyazráel,


I am a end game raiding ret paladin on Misha one of two Rets in <Equinox> I have been raiding with this guild for well over a year and a half and I love except I have one major Issue. The other Ret paladin Zaturn is a god at dps, now don't get me wrong I am a great ret myself, however when compared to him i'm  as, Bill Engvall says, "15 degree off cool" meaning I'm there but still slightly out of reach.


He's a number cruncher and self theory/tester he does things out of the normal. I've never been good at this and I've talked to him on many occasions, I've done everything from spec/talent copy to gear copy. I read forums and theory craft threads to find out what works and test them in raids against him and they seem to fail...i'm at wits end here and want to be able to rank and be seen as an equal. I too use clcret as a guide because I get "lost in battle" with prios/rotations I hold my own pretty well, but I would like to be able to learn to break my glass ceiling and either be much closer or beat him on meters.


Guild says we are pretty close, but in-game damage meters (Skada) tells a different story every fight, hence why I finally broke down and started logging things for my own purposes.


I know this is a lot to read, but I'm simply just majorly fed up, i've tried the standard stat weights and get stomped...so apparently he's doing something....and I want to know!


Last Raid's Logs (All fights) https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/paPkZ2CgAmWNTMjx#boss=-3


Butcher Fighthttps://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/paPkZ2CgAmWNTMjx#fight=4










*Note he likes to log off in pvp gear a lot not sure if you'll be able to get an accurate read of his gear for comments.


**Note we both use PVP gear for stat allocation with a focus on multistrike>Mastery>Crit>haste>VS

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I know it is a little late but i feel like you are putting to much emphasis on the divine storm(only use it when you have both procs or the final verdict against 2 mobs.he is using alot more hammer of wrath than you so maybe you arnt using the *hammer of wrath crusader strike hammer of wrath (holypower move) during avenging wrath. i know this is late and you probably already are doing fine(or this didnt help) but manage your cooldowns and do damage


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It's most likely just the rotation, u cast FV when u could still generate HP there, u didnt cast somthing in time there, and it adds up. Just hit the dummy for whatever time it takes to make your rotation perfect and u should do those 30k on butcher.

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That's what another guild mate who can break down logs have told me when it comes to hammer of wrath, however I'm not understanding how he can be getting more, when its only usable under certain conditions AW and Executing phase and I do hit it on CD so i'm not entirely sure if he's hitting more or if those are just multistriking more.


Now one thing I have noticed is he'll change talents sometimes between, DP ans SW and this'll be between pulls/attempts sometimes, I'm getting better at switching talents it use to be a pain in the ass for me because for years I had an add-on that wouldn't allow me to change it unless I disabled it, reloadui, changed glyph/talent, reloadui/re enable add-on...this add-on has finally fixed this issue after a couple years and i'm still conditioned to not switch..which I'm breaking that habit.


I'll also note I did not know about the Paladin PVP 4PC being a huge boost in PVE and didn't realize until I saw a post last night that this is what the other ret had going on top of everything else

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