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Halp with Enh DPS (if any!)

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Hi guys, new to the forums so go easy on me. 


I've been playing an Enh sham since roughly the start of this expac - levelled up as Enh and went ele, didn't enjoy the pve/pvp as much as I did enh and decided to stick with Enh. 


Today I pugged with a group to do H Butcher and felt that my DPS was lacking for the amount of effort I was putting in to get the rotation down.





Here's a link to the log:


https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gdtxYanpkVAbD3LZ(if this isn't how you link logs pls inform me, sorry in advance if so!)

I've noticed that my LB and Lava Lash are both top, and my melee is above SS (which I'm assuming should not be the case). 


Can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong that may increase my DPS?


Usual rotation goes:

- pop flask > elemental > unleash elements (for boost in speed to get close to boss and Flame shock buff), flame shock > elemental mastery > liquid magma > stormstrike > lava lash > stormstrike THEN ascendance immediately after 2nd/3rd stormstrike to get an extra stormblast in there. after that it's mainly blow CDs along with ascendance and either hard cast 4 mael LB or 5mael LB, and frost shock during downtime of everything.


I know that a lot of the enh sham rotation is hit anything that comes off CDs but I feel it's a bit strange and there has to be something that I must be missing.


P.S. my weps are NOT enchanted so that may be a reason for lower dps, but I'd assume the enchants (the bleeding one - forgot the name) would only increase my dps marginally. 


Thank you!

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Hey there emayd,


I'm not a DPS player, but I do know how to read logs so I'll give you a tip.


When you're looking at logs, often it's "number of casts" that's interesting rather than "total damage done". You can calculate the total number of casts you should have done for any one spell by taking the length of the fight in seconds and dividing by the spell cooldown. For instance, the fight you linked was (5*60)+14 seconds long, which is 41.9 casts of Stormstrike. You casted Stormstrike 38 times, which is OK I suppose - 90% or better should probably be your target for important rotational spells.


It gets more complicated if you're running something that gets you more casts of a rotational spell - you had a lot more casts of Lava Lash than the cooldown would get you alone, so I find that hard to analyze from a position of no knowledge.


Good luck!

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