Holy endless proving grounds WoD

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I really struggling with endless proving grounds, I came as best to wave 26 then I flipped out and failed. Since then my itemlvl has increased and made it harder and harder. Now I come to this point I don't even reach wave 15 but I play the same as I did when I reached wave 26. Can somebody help me with this? I'm getting nowhere now and feels quite pointless doing it since I just failing. I've heard that glyph of Guardian Spirit should be a good tool at proving grounds when it gets tough, it sorts of work. I'm getting past to wave 10 but later on I'm running out of mana all the time and I'm trying to stay cool with my spending on mana and mainly using heals and only flash heals in emergency situations. I've looked on Icy-veins stats prio and I should be good there so I think its something else but I'm clueless. Anyone want to help me with this?


This is my armory page:


Regards RepZi

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Try to get a link of the combat logs as well, preferably through


Otherwise its just going to be getting used to the waves and learning which waves really hurt and which waves you can focus on regen mana with.

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