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Inquiry/Advice regarding Stat Weights While Gearing- - -W

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HI There,


RE: Frost Mage - Mysteryfluid - Mal'Ganis


I have been using Askmrrobot and SimCraft as a cohesive unit for the last few weeks while gearing up. 


I do not have any current concerns with dps, fights or anything like that as i am comfortably pulling my weight regardless of group makeup.


What my concern is while starting to gear up it was suggested via this site and askmrrobot as : Int > MS > Crit=Vers > Haste > Mastery.


This has been my goal throughout the entire instance.  Now currently with my gearing up and grabbing pieces on the above statweigh, I have been using Simcraft and AskMrRobot together and now it is advising Int > MS > Haste > Crit=Vers > Mastery


I am confused as to why Haste has suddenly taken a 3rd priority.  The only discrepancy was AskMrRobot had Crit/Vers after Mastery so i fixed that to sync with Simcraft.


As an example : http://i.imgur.com/2F9o6PW.jpg

This trinket i got through a mission but i have been using http://i.imgur.com/Q7W1te0.jpg.  


As per Ask Mr Robot and Simcraft, it is telling me the 645 trinket is better and i am having a hard time understanding why  ? Is the raw stats provide me more sustain because Coagulated Blood is proc based ?  I am just confused and need some clarification.


Thanks for checking this out



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Stat weights for frost secondaries vary a ton depending on talent choice as well as your actual gear. They also remain extremely close to each other, so you shouldn't worry about them all that much (especially with how limited Highmaul itemization is).


Additionally, intellect trumps every other stat by a very wide margin (about 2:1 for multistrike and 3:1 for other stats i believe), which is why the 645 trinket (especially with a socket!) beats the 636 one.

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