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Mythic mission for garrisson

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Hi guys simple question,

I cleaned HM 2 times and have 20+ more kills in this mode, I have 6-7 followers 650+ and I still didnt get my mythic mission.

I see people with mythic gear from missions more often these times, Wtf is wrong with me ?
I had my 670 missions 2 weeks ago and then nothing :s

Any ideas ?

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I would say - random. Just wait a bit more. 

We have a big garrison thread on guild's forum and generally you get mythic mission after 15 kills in HC, but the timing of when it's actually happens is wide enough. There are people who got the mission immediately, after week, after two weeks, etc... No exact time unfortunately.

I had the same with Abrogator stones and GR - 2-3 times in a row and then nothing for weeks...

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