[Arcane] Why isn't this opener viable?

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I tried two opener:


1) AB->BL+PoM+AB->2xAB->Crystal->AM>SN>PoM+AB


2) AB->BL+3xAB->AM>SN>2(PoM+AB)


I assume opener 1) is the one we should do (unless we shouldn't reset PoM and hit AB while crystal is up)

,however i always dealt more DMG doing 2)


the damage of 2) opener was about 90-130k(+) higher than 1)


The mana lost during burst phase (while crystal is still up) is always different, mostly because of am proccs


Btw-- other question, why is > + for arcane mages?


Shouldn't wand+ offhand be best since wand has mastery on it? and shouldn't tectus staff be better than imperator staff since crit is less useful than haste? According to askmrrobot, imperator staff is best.

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Opener 2 because you PoM the PC.
Concerning best items, Simcraft is the only tool to help you!

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