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Assassination rogue Log DPS issue

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i see many thinks wrong in your rotation and cd maintain.



I'll write you just how it should look like:


1. Pre pot (1sec before pull)

2..Jump to boss quick as possible, build 5+ combo points and Repture on boss

3. Use you cd macro Shadow Ref + Vendetta

4. Use you normal rotation ( try to maintain Envenom buff high as you can <100 % uptime )

Its good time to use Vanish twice when Reflection and Vendetta is up and your energy is low, couse you should use as many offensive abilites in this time as you can.


- remember that after using envenom you should have the time and energy to cast at least two multilate, so before Envenom watch the energy bar.

- assasination rogue playing is not just mindless keystrokes

- Maintain Repture 100 %, use it at 5 cp or <5cp if repture will drop (repture is your energy builder so its very immportant to maintain this debuf on target or targets)

- use Addons to track bufs and debufs, trin proc. Most immportant is Envenom buff, you must see when hes up and how mutch time left to renew this buff.


5. Do not use Ambush in stealth , use Multilate instead couse Multilate can trigger an energy free Dispatch. Ambush is just not worthy.


6. If target has less then 35% hp replace Multilate witch Dispatch


7. Use your second Shadow reflection and Vendetta when your agi potion is rdy, trin buff is up, Vanish are rdy, Heroism will be up if not on beginning or fight requires.

Watch the fight and learn where and at what point to use cd


I assume you using Shadow Focus talent from 1 tier beacouse you should and Anticipation from t6.

Also you need to always delay Envenom so that you cast it when the previous buff has dropped or has less than 1.8 second left. In other way its waste of cp.


Sry for some language mistakes smile.png

Edited by Nelde

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You said Multistrike instead of Mutilate.


Also, most important buff to track is Rupture, followed by Evenom

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yep, my mistake :)  dont know why i said multistrike ;)


Repture must be 100 % uptime as i say anyway so ye, its important, but its not so hard to track this debuf on target.

Envenom is a diffrent think , and many rogues dont know how to use it properly

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