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question about the recommended rotation with DP+ES+FV

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I'm using the recommended rotation from icy veins with following tatents: divine purpose + Execution senctence and final verdict.

My dps is ok (but more on that later) but I have a few questions about the rotation.


1)What about the exorcism proc? Some guides tell me to use it when it pops up but I don't understand why this is usefull. Why use Exorcism (with the proc) if you have more powerfull HP builders available?


2)With procs from Divine purpose, I am sometimes not shure whether to use a HP builder or Spender. 


this text I have from the guide:


Finally, wow_icon_spell_holy_divinepurpose.jpg Divine Purpose will produce its effects passively. However, you must watch out for its procs, and be prepared for abilities not to consume Holy Power. If you are not careful, you can end up capping your Holy Power. Having a means of tracking this buff, and instantly using its procs on either wow_icon_ability_paladin_finalverdict.jp Final Verdict or wow_icon_ability_paladin_divinestorm.jpg Divine Storm


I don't really understand this. What does it mean "capping holy power". Am I right that I should use FV (or DS empowered) whenever I get the proc, regardless of how much HP I have? Can someone explain this to me?


3) how do I pop CD's/potions? Do I stack them (like I do now, I usually pop them all three at the beginning of a fight or when more dps is necessary, all at the same time). Is this a good method?


4) Am i performing well? I usually get around 20k dps with http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/defias-brotherhood/Pletner/simple


thx in advance!

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1) Well even if CD is reset, priority stays the same. Behind the HP building spells it goes as HoW>CS>Judge>Exo

''capping holy power'' - when you have maximum holy power available [ 5 ]. And using any HP generating spell would be a loss.

Divine Purpose is not the best talent in that tier I suppose, due to interesting boss mechanics. There might be a fight or two when it could come in handy for AoE and beat the other two talents.

But as for FV buff and EDS [ empowered DS ], if they both appear - DS is highest priority spell. If only EDS appears, there are few situations I work with myself. Even when buffed, it shouldn't do more damage than exorcism, thus I wait for it to be buffed with FV buff / wait for an AoE situation / cast it if nothing else is available. I might be wrong about EDS, but I hope my math is not failing me.

''how do I pop CD's/potions?'' Prepot and CDs. If for some reason bloodlust is delayed for later in fight, the 2nd pot should be used then with CDs. You can also keep track of your trinket buffs, but there is also limit for how long after CDs have come of cooldown it would be profitable to use CDs + pot. And if that time limit is reached, is it worth waiting for buffs to minimise the loss or not. I usually use CDs as often as possible. If I need to delay them for a burst damage due to mechanics or bloodlust, then I can wait for some period of time.


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