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SV: PvP gear for PvE!

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As we all know, or should know, Survival + Multistike = Win!   Problem is that the hunter gear in Highmaul falls short in that regard.  Solution, pvp!  Since, pvp stats have been removed, these items have become quite strong in filling in gaps in your gear.  In fact, since Multistrike is so insanely strong for survival hunters, several of the items are actually superior to item drops in Heroic Highmaul!  

SV: BiS pre-mythic (non-crafted) Gear:
(For quick reference, the PvP items are labeled "Warlords Season 1" in green)
Some of these items are only small improvement over the heroic gear, whilst others, like the helm, ring, & chest, are fairly significant.

SV: Not BiS pre-mythic(non-crafted), but still notable:

Ring (Second only to the 670 crafted ring)
Waist  (Second only to a random world drop BoE, and the mythic trash belt.)
Feet (A good substitute, until you get face kickers)
Legs (A great substitute, until you get Leggings of Broken Magic)

SV: Rather weak compared to HM alternatives:

*Used the stat weights on the guide.  Technically you should use your own, but mine are damn close to those listed anyways.
**Ignore Blackrock foundry items

Now, if you haven't PvP'd, fear not!  Blizzard has implemented a new(new to me anyways) Conquest Point catchup mechanic into the game.  Normally players are limited to a weekly cap, which varies depending on your PVP rating and where you earn your points.  This limits how quickly we can all gear up at the start of each new PVP season.  However, the mid-season catch up system allows players to earn more points per week until they have caught up to roughly what they would have earned if they had capped each week up to that point.  In short, the catchup mechanic raises your conquest cap 1000 points each week in which you haven't earned points.  

It's actually a little more complicated than that, so if you want further details regarding the catch-up mechanic go here,

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