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Best practices for warlocks

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maybe a dumb topic but was thinking some more experienced players can share tips and tricks to help people with higher dps. for example i recently changed to a macro that cast havok on my focus so i wouldn't have to target swap, and im going to try to figure out how to make it cast on mouseover defaulting to focus if no mouseover exists.


So if you have any tips, tricks, macros or essential addons that wouldnt already be in the guides please supply.


i was also thinking of making macros for all my spells to cast on mouseover, defaulting to current target. good idea?

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This is one of the macros I use. 


#showtooltip Shadowburn
/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm,nodead] Shadowburn
/cast [mod:alt,@focus] Shadowburn
/cast Shadowburn
So if there is a Mouseover it goes there. If I press my focus modifier (which is on my mouse) it goes to Focus otherwise it just hits the Target. I think this kind of macro is invaluable but modify it to your needs. 
I personally would suggest making a Focus modifier key as well but yes that may not work for everyone. This way you can choose precisely where your dots and Havoc are going rather than target switching or using extra macros/keybinds. 

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I also have the same macro above for Havoc. I personally do not have all DoTs on mouse over as I haven't really felt a need. I tend to tab (well I actually use Caps Lock) them. I think the most effective method is the one that makes the most sense to you and feels the best.


Not sure how experienced you are Sammiah but these are some of things I am currently working on in order to keep improving.


1. Full DoT uptime.

2. Not using Backdraft stacks on Chaos Bolt (CB) (unless the proc will end and I need to use Embers).

3. When there are adds coming pre-casting Havoc so it is ready again earlier.

4. Using Havoc on cooldown (when there are adds of course).

5. Generally getting more of a feel of how quick ember generation is and therefore how often I need to spend or how long I need before Dark Soul in order to have 3 CB to burn.


Pretty sure most/all of this stuff is in the guides but hopefully something here will jump out that you are not doing. Are you fully keybinded?


Only really other macros I use are Dark Soul with Beserking and Trinky. 


Addons I use and highly recommend are Weak Auras (please get this if you do not), Action Bar Saver if you switch specs a lot and one called infMopTalentMacros. The latter changes the tooltip on your bar depending on what talent you are using.


Good luck

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