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My recent impressions and tips on warrior dps

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So I've been looking at the recorded information available for fury dps, like rotation, stat priorities, talents and glyphs, and logged dps, and I wanted to share some impressions.


It seems like fury as usual is very gear dependent, and weapons are a very high priority for whatever style you intent to use.


Furthermore, it seems that we're all being a little held back by the cost of the weapon enchant Mark of the Thunderlord, while I see it is on average 6-7 thousand gold, on my server it has only recently gone down from 11k to 9k, which savings aren't easy to muster, especially in doubles, especially if you progress from 655 to 670 and need to enchant upgrades just to stay relevant on dps meters.


You can make up for some gear dependency with pvp epics, we may not be great in casual battlegrounds and ashran, but it only takes an afternoon to cap those Conquest points and you can buy a one hander or any needed slot in over a week. It takes quite awhile longer to get to a 2hander, about a month I think, but you can get there without depending on raids.


I suspect Single Minded Fury should be played with Sudden Death and

I suspect Titan's Grip should be played with Furious Strikes. While we get 30% more damage from one handers, seemingly the auto attacks benefit the 10% chance on hit more than the two handers, and the max damage of two handers benefit the other two styles more, specifically using wild strike.


I believe using your better weapon in your offhand for Wild Strike helps, if you check your tooltips, the strike damage evens out on special attacks, gives you a benefit for your wild strike, but you'll see your mainhand and offhand damage change, but this doesn't seem to matter as the average damage stays the same between both hands.


Use Vigilance in raids! It's like a better shield wall for your tank! And you can stack dps warriors to use it on your main tanks for big tank damage fights! Make sure your raid leader knows your using it and you'll be appreciated for it!


We have a lot of long cooldowns at varying times, make a macro to simultaneously cast them at the start of the fight, and then time them together for damage over the raid. You can even plan how many times you'll use cooldowns based on the time it takes to kill the boss. You can for example use Scabbard of Kyanos about 7 times during Imperator.


Here is my macro for starting a fight with SMF:

/use Draenic Strength Potion

/use Scabbard of Kyanos

/cast Recklessness

/cast Bloodbath

/cast Execute


Sudden Death almost always procs right at the start of the fight, so for a brief moment you'll be on the top of the charts, which is pretty satisfying despite how well your dps is, a great moment to start using your cooldowns.


For pvp: 

  • You can use all of your abilities in defensive stance
  • You can even use Spell Reflect and Shield Barrier
  • Titan's Grip in Defensive Stance with Unquenchable Thirst, Glyph of Bloodthirst and stamina trinkets makes you almost unkillable
  • Anger Management and Avatar make for great multiple use burst cooldowns since Avatar and Recklessess don't share the GCD and can be macro'ed together
  • Anger Management also makes Storm Bolt and Enraged Regeneration faster for those who have long fights
  • SMF+Sudden Death+Scabbard of Kyanos makes for 150k execute crits in pvp
  • If you try *Tanky Titan's Grip and they focus you, you can just spam shield barrier with pvp 4pc and bloodthirst healing you, I won a 20 minute 1v1 with a Blood DK in rated arena (at 1300 rating) lol
  • No rage from auto attacks? No problem. Bloodthirst crits make 10 rage and enable enrage+Raging Blow with your 2handers, making for a cost efficient offense.

I really like Anger Management (especially on long fights) despite what sims say, because I don't like losing a GCD to click my mouse to use an ability, as well as having more long cooldowns come up and time easier with my Scabbard of Kyanos.

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