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Need help for a mate, Enhancement Shaman

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Hey Guys! Iam here to find help for a Mate who is struggling to get his dps done. He is Enhancement Shaman and his Gear is getting towards ilvl660 but he is struggling to get clearly above 20k Dps on Fights like Butcher.


Here is a Log for Butcher HC




I dont play Shaman at all, so i can barely find out whats wrong. He is also struggling on other fights ( u can click through all HC fights on warcraftlogs) and is clearly doing something wrong.


From what i found out is that his current gear and skillset allows 26k DPS (simcraft) on a 4:20 Min Butcher Fight. I also found out that his skill an spell usage differs from the ones the very top entries on warcraftlogs have.


But for insight and help i need you guys!



edit: armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/character/aegwynn/D%C3%B4cdamage/simple

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Hi there!


From what I have experienced myslef from fights like butcher there is not much we enha shamans can do. We simply lack the single target DPS. Myself Im the only shaman in my guild, have played shaman since TBC and currently we have extremly strong AOE dmg, but single target we strugle and it is a very hard time to get past the 20k dps mark. 


The only thing I might see here is that he could try to switch "Liquid Magma" for "Elemental Fusion" on single target fights.


I too strugle to get any good dps on single target fights, but I do however top the meters when I get to imperator :)

Just got mythic weapon from kargath, this might push my dps quiet a bit havent tested it yet though.


here is my armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/talnivarr/Odanobunaga/advanced

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